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Silkworm Life Cycle
Gives students an up close study of Silkworm life cycle encased in clear acrylic. A practical, hands on way to explore and learn.
Catalogue No. Description
ASMO-0008 Size: 164x78x24mm

Section of Human Skin
Model showing a section through the three layers of the hair covered skin of the head, representation of hair follicles with sebaceous glands, sweat g
Catalogue No. Description
BHAM-0065 Mounted on base with numbered key card

Skull Model Colored Bones
Life-size skull, bones painted in different colors for precise study. Can be disassembled into 3 parts.
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0009 Supplied with key card.

Skull with Cervical Spine
Skull model mounted on a cervical spine. Also represented the hindbrain, spinal cord, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries, basilar artery and rear cer
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0016 Supplied with key card, Mounted on stand with base.

Shoulder Joint
An instructional model to illustrate abduction, adduction, anteversion, retroversion and internal, external rotation. Including flexible, artificial l
Catalogue No. Description
BHAM-0103 Mounted on stand with base. Natural size.

Safety Goggles
Safety goggles: Soft vinyl-frame safety glasses that will fit your face comfortably. It has head bound to secure goggles over your head. These goggles
Catalogue No. Description
DSKE00010 Soft Vinyl-Frame Safety Goggles