Human Muscular Figure Models 

  • Human Torso with Muscles
    Dissectible in 17 parts, this life size torso with open back is provides an exceptionally realistic reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail. All of the body systems are represented with full accessibility. The left side exposes all significant superficial and deeper muscles with vessels and bones. The open back shows muscular layers as well as the vertebral column and associated nerve branches. A thoracic vertebra, including a section of spinal cord, is removable for close examination of its anatomical details. The head is open and the brain is fully exposed on one side. The neck is dissected to expose muscular, neural, vascular and glandular structures.

    Catalogue No. BHAM-0011

    Description The dissectible male and female urogenital systems are interchangeable, mounted on base with key card.

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  • Human Muscular Figure Life Size 36 Parts
    Complete human muscular and organs anatomy. It illustrates with excellent detail the superficial and deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and body structures. Skull Cap, 6-Part brain, Eye Ball, Breast and abdominal wall, both arms, 2-part larynx, 2 Lungs, Stomach, Liver with gall bladder, Kidney, Whole intestine system, Bladder Half, 2-part penis, 10 Muscles.

    Catalogue No. BHAM-0012

    Description The internal organs are removable for closer examination to study the relationships among all the body structures, mounted on base with stand.

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  • Acupuncture & Muscle Model
    Acupuncture & Muscle Model made of PVC

    Catalogue No. BHAM-0089

    Description Male Model, Mounted on base

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