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Microcephalic Skull
Cast from the skull of a young human male, this faithful one-piece reproduction exhibits an alveolar abscess in the right maxilla and severe attrition
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0011 Supplied with key card.

Muscle Skull
This 3-part skull has been painted to show muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left side of the skull.
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0013 Cranial bones and structures are numbered on the right side

Male Pelvis
A complete life size skeleton of a human male pelvis consisting of the pelvic bones (ischium, ilium and pubis), sacrum, coccyx and symphysis.
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0008 Mounted on wire or Stand with base.

Monocot Stem T.S.
Showing various tissues vascular bundles in transverse section of monocot stem of maize.
Catalogue No. Description
BBOT-0008 Mounted on base with key card.