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Centipede Millipede
Give students an up close study of this unique creature encased in clear acrylic. A practical, hands on way to explore and learn
Catalogue No. Description
ASMO-0009 Size: 167x78x24mm

Corn Germination
See the stages of seed germination in 3D- frozen in time in these beautiful preserved specimens, encased in clear acrylic. A practical, hands on way
Catalogue No. Description
PSMO-0003 Size: 164x78x24mm

Cutaway Osteoporosis
Consisting of 3 medially divided lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs. For comparison, the upper section shows healthy bone structure, The middl
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0019 Mounted on stand with base.

Cervical Vertebral Column with Neck Artery
Consisted of occipital plate, the 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries and spinal cord.
Catalogue No. Description
OSMK-0023 Mounted on stand with base.

Comparative Germination Model
Eight-piece model for comparison of three different types of germination methods: monocot, dicot and gymnosperm. Using suitable models from the plan
Catalogue No. Description
BBOT-0028 Mounted on base with key card.