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Annelid Preserved Specimen
Gives students an up close study of Annelid encased in clear acrylic. A practical, hands on way to explore and learn
Catalogue No. Description
ASMO-0010 Size: 118x62x22mm

Anatomy of the Foot
Life size model, dissectible in 3 parts. The plantar aponeurosis and the flexor brevis can be removed to show the underlying network of muscles, tendo
Catalogue No. Description
BHAM-0044 Mounted on a stand with numbered key card

Acupuncture & Muscle Model
Acupuncture & Muscle Model made of PVC
Catalogue No. Description
BHAM-0089 Male Model, Mounted on base

Anatomy Nasal Cavity
External and internal structures of the nasal cavity. External nose shows the section of the nasal bones and cartilages. Nasal cavity on the lateral n
Catalogue No. Description
BHAM-0108 Mounted on base.